The weather in the Black Hills of South Dakota is mostly clear with bright sunny days and a wide range of temperatures. Mornings start off chilly, then warm nicely, and cool again in the evening. Dressing in layers is always a good idea and wearing sunglasses with a brimmed hat or cap is helpful. With the cooler temps at the Lead and Deadwood elevations, there are few mosquitoes around. Hiking and walking through tall grasses may provide an opportunity for deer tick encounters, so check closely at the end of the day.

Mad Peak Rentals recommends a sturdy shoe as the trails and terrain can be a bit rough at times and a solid sole with a toe protection option can reduce the injuries to the foot. Each of the UTV machines have a number of cup holders for beverages as well as a small back platform for a cooler or other supplies. Steel Wheel Trading Post & Campground has a good selection of trail-approved snacks and supplies, think tissues, for purchase. Mad Peak Rentals provides a plug kit and a compressor for any unexpected tire puncture that may occur and can offer a small blanket or cooler as needed. Ear plugs are also available.

“Hold up!” you say. Tire puncture? Yes, the off-road trails do have rocks and gravel and sticks and uneven ground that may harm a tire. If you are comfortable plugging a tire until you can reach us, the plug kit is available and the small air compressor will then be used. The tires need 9 pounds of air pressure. If you are unable to perform the plug or the tire is too damaged, a call or text to the office contact cell phone will summon support. Mad Peak Rentals has staff and crew available during the business hours and is quick to offer support as needed. Just a side note, the contact cell phone is an
i-phone which supports the dropping of a pin location.

There is an operation manual in the glovebox as well for any question regarding the sound or handling or behavior of the UTV. A common question that arises while on the trails is after the selection and use of the four wheel drive option. This need may occur when the terrain is thawing and still may have snow cover in places mixed with muddy conditions. A switch to engage the 4×4 option is a simple move of the dial on the dash. Once safely through the difficulty, a reverse move of the dial will release the front wheels allowing for better steerability and maneuverability. The question arises when the exuberant dial-switcher turns the dial to the LOCKED position thus locking the front differential. This mode provides very slow movement and restricted steerability and serves a desired mode of control. However, once this option on the dial is reversed, the LOCKED position needs the machine to be shut off and restarted to release the LOCKED option. Again, anytime a question of operation or performance is encountered by the Guest, Mad Peak Rentals is a quick text or call away.

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